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Live from the transport sector.


15 to 17 May the Montréal Exhibition.


Madrid, 23-26 May.


The new “Swiss Trolley Plus”.


For the electric shuttle branded Liger.


ZF solutions for electric buses.


The Lion’s Coach changes “skin”.


The new Tourismo RHD is almost ready.


First steps in Italy.

May 22, 2017 - The first Swiss postbuses produced in UK by ADL
On May 19, 2017, the Switzerland public transport company PostBus presented the first new double-decker bus of the 19 vehicles commissioned to AlexanderDennis. These are the first Postbuses to have been produced in the United Kingdom and the first ever British double-deckers in Switzerland. The vehicles ordered are based on their Enviro500 standard model, but the company has adapted them to PostBus’s needs and Swiss regulations. They are 13 metres long, 4 metres high and meet the Euro 6 emission standard. They offer 78 seats and 55 standing spaces and are equipped with three doors instead of two, two sets of stairs to the top deck and dual display screens and free WiFi on the both decks.
May 19, 2017 - VDL electric buses for the Dutch company Qbuzz
The public transport company Qbuzz based in Groningen, the Netherlands, has placed an order for ten VDL Citea SLFA Electric buses with BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) design. The 18.1m articulated buses will be put in service on the first fully electric Q-link bus lines in Groningen from December 11, 2017. The buses are based on the principle of opportunity charging so they are charged during service, along the line. VDL not only supplies the buses but is also responsible for the complete system and provides installation of the charging stations as well. By 2030 the Netherlands’ entire bus fleet, and thus all buses in Groningen, must operate with zero emissions.
May 16, 2017 - The Plaxton coaches winners at UK Coach Rally
Four Plaxton coaches have been honoured with trophies at the UK Coach Rally (Blackpool, May 6-7), the highly demanding driving competition whose first event way back in 1955. The rally involves drivers in manoeuvering today’s huge vehicles in tight spaces, driving them safely and getting the indiustry’s passengers to their destination in a calm, friendly and relaxing manner. Damory Coaches took away the Top Touring/Express Luxury Coach trophy with their Plaxton Elite, a 12.6m model on the Volvo B11R chassis. Top Mini/Midi went to York Pullman for their Plaxton Cheetah XL built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis and fitted with 36 seats. Moffat & Williamson took home the Tony Roose Trophy for their three-axle Plaxton Panther. This Volvo B11R-based coach has a stunning road presence with a length of 14 metres, allowing it to seat 61 on comfortable recliners. The winner of the Rita Daziel Trophy for the top coach 25 years or older is the Plaxton Supreme Express New of Bradshaws Travel. New in 1983 but still going strong.
May 15, 2017 - A Neoplan Cityliner at the Eurovision Song Contest
The Neoplan-branded coach was used at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), the largest European song competition held in Kiev, Ukraine, on May 9-13. The vehicle was employed as shuttle bus to transfer interpreters and crews coming from 42 countries, included VIP guests. This Neoplan Skyliner is fitted with 51 high-quality leather seats, fridge and coolbox, on-board kitchen and toilet facilities, and a high-quality audio system. The 12 metre-long bus is powered by a 440 hp (324 kW) Euro 6 diesel engine coupled to an automatic twelve-gear MAN TipMatic transmission with EasyStart. The coach will also remain in use for the purpose of transporting VIPs even after the ESC. For this reason, MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine will take over the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle for one year. “The intention is that the Cityliner will be used in the future to chauffeur VIPs and government delegations who are visiting Kiev. Its luxurious fittings and extensive safety features make it ideal for this task”, said Michael Batz, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine.
May15, 2017 - Solaris Urbino 18 buses in Nürnberg, Germany
In the first half of April, Solaris Bus & Coach delivered eight articulated new Urbino 18 buses to the German public transport operator Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft (VAG) based in Nürnberg, Germany. The articulated Urbino 18 buses ordered by VAG have 37 seats with additional eight folder seats. The passenger compartment can accommodate between 88-99 standing passengers. The vehicles are fitted with full air conditioning both for passengers and driver, energy efficient LED interior lightening, monitoring system with nine cameras, recorder and monitor placed above the driver’s seat. All of the buses are powered by the Euro 6 DAF/PACCAR MX-11 240 H1 (240 kW) engine coupled to a Voith Diwa 6 transmission, which is equipped with a ECO program that efficiently reduces fuel consumption. The axles, on the other hand, are provided by a ZF company.
May 12, 2017 - Temsa Avenue IBUS with Fleetics
Turkey's first smart bus developed by Temsa, the Avenue IBUS, is now more advanced with the implementation of Fleetics, the product of the data technology platform V2SMART, developed in partnership with STM (Defense Technologies & Engineering INC.). IBUS was delivered to Kocaeli University Techno Park and will introduce a new innovation experience to the students in their 25 km journey to Kocaeli University's Techno Park Campus. A minimum of 1.000 students and Techno park staff will evaluate IBUS in a minimum of 50 rides. The feedback received will be used for new initiatives by Temsa and STM for Smart Cities and transportation ideas. STM Deputy General Manager Ömer Korkut stated, “The two companies started a long-term collaboration. Fleetics, a 100% domestic system, is a result of an intense R&D work completing in a record period such as 7 months. It provides data on real-time performance and pre-determining malfunctioning of spare parts of the smart buses. Fleetics also enables modelling of driver behavior, accident prevention, fuel efficiency, route optimization, increase of passenger safety and modelling many other cost saving opportunities.”
May 11, 2017 - The BRT system in Colombia with Scania gas buses
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is fast turning into a new, cleaner and more sustainable place also thanks to a new Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system with gas-powered buses. Cartagena selected Scania as the exclusive provider for two trunk lines in its ‘Transcaribe’ transport network. Scania is providing 147 Euro 6 gas buses to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, as well as contracts for service and maintenance, financing and driver training. The first year since the introduction of the gas powered buses is widely viewed as a success. When fully implemented Transcaribe will have exchanged 1,600 smaller traditional Euro 1 and Euro 2 buses for 658 Euro 6 and Euro 5 gas buses.
May 9, 2107 - Neoplan Skyliner of the Rosberg team for hire
The Neoplan Skyliner coach wanted in 1995 by Keke Rosberg, father of the 2016 Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg, is now available for hire for events and exhibitions in exclusive locations. Used as support vehicle for the Rosberg team in the German and European Championships for tourism cars, this Skyliner is 12 meters long and 4 meters and was fitted with six televisions, satellite system, power generator and console for telemetry equipment. "Today is the norm, but in those years it was a state-of-the-art vehicle and few teams had such a coach," they say at MAN Truck & Bus. "Here, Keke Rosberg and his engineers prepared the races in the three meeting rooms, while the luxurious living and the large roof-deck with stainless steel railings provided the ideal space to relax and follow the race from an exclusive stand."
March 9, 2017 - More Volvo hybrid buses in Tallin City
Tallinn, Estonia. Here the fleet of 44 Volvo hybrid buses of the local public transport company Tallinna Linnatranspordi Ltd (TLT) has become one of the largest in Europe. The last 20 Volvo 7900 Hybrids delivered to TLT on April 25 have been in regular service since May 1. Enno Tamme, Chairman of the Board of TLT, said “With 44 hybrid buses in our fleet, we are one of the top 10 hybrid bus cities in Europe. More than half of our bus fleet is Euro 5 or Euro 6 and after 50 new hybrid and diesel buses, average age of our fleet will be 8,2 years. ” The Volvo 7900 Hybrid bus is 12 m long and can carry up to 84 passengers. It is equipped with an electric motor, batteries and a small Volvo D5 diesel engine (Euro 6). The powertrain is parallel hybrid, which means that the diesel engine and electric motor can operate independently of one another. Batteries are charged with the energy generated during engine braking. Volvo Buses states that the two-axle version has up to 39 % lower fuel consumption than a corresponding diesel-powered bus and 40-50 % lower exhaust emissions. The hybrid buses delivered by Volvo Buses since 2010 are more than 3,000 all around the world.
May 8, 2017 - VDL Bus & Coach Finland's anniversary
The Finnish branch of VDL Bus & Coach is just 10 years old. The company celebrated the anniversary on April 20, 2017. In ten years, VDL Bus & Coach Finland Oy sold more than 500 VDL buses and coaches in Finland. The company was founded in 2007 but its history goes back further when Timo Vainio, working for Autojousi Vuola Ky, handled sales for the BOVA, Berkhof and Jonckheere brands. The first BOVA Futura was sold in Finland in 1985. Marcel Jacobs, commercial director VDL Bus & Coach bv, says, “The Finnish team has captured an important position in the Finnish market for VDL, in part through a very strong after-sales position. In particular, the leading position in the area of city buses over the past five years is deserving of a huge compliment. ” And for the future? "We are focusing on developments in the field of electric bus transport, which will play an ever greater role in the future,” says Sami Ojami, commercial director VDL Bus & Coach Finland. VDL Bus & Coach Finland, with 35 employees, is responsible for sales and after-sales activities of the VDL product range in Finland. The head office is located in Koivuhaka, Vantaa. VDL also has its own service garages in Espoo, Kuopio and Kotka. The company also has contracts with ten service centres spread across Finland.
May 4, 2017 - The first 50 years of Neoplan Skyliner
Happy Birthday Neoplan Skyliner. The flagship of the German manufacturer is 50 years old. It was the spring of 1967 when the young Konrad Auwärter surprised the bus world with his idea: a double deck coach, unthinkable for that time. But the youngest son of Gottlob Auwärter really believed in his project and actually transformed the first Neoplan Skyliner. To demonstrate its validity, he drove it from Stuttgart to Brussels. "At that time," Konrad Auwärter recalled at the anniversary party at the MAN Bus Forum, "no one believed that it was possible to travel on a double decker in a highway without crashing. But we managed to break all the doubts. " The Neoplan Skyliner has come to the seventh generation. Today, nearly 5,000 units travel around the world. This fleet also includes very special versions, such as the 15-meter four axles used in Cape Canaveral or the mobile home built for a pilgrimage of a royal Arab family. This model won several international awards. Last year he won the IBC (International Bus Competition) prize and the Sustainability Award of Busplaner, a magazine for travel companies and travel agencies. The design, with the inimitable "Sharp Cut" by Neoplan, has also won several awards.
May 4, 2017 - The first Solaris electric buses in France
Frontignon, South France. Here will be delivered in mid December 2017 the first Solaris Urbino 8,9 LE electric buses for the French market. France will therefore become the eight European country to benefit from the Solaris technology. The city transport operator, Thau Agglo, decided to purchase the buses after the positive tests of the 8,9 meter Solaris buses which took place at the beginning of the year. Both of the buses will be equipped with 160 kWh high energy batteries that will be charged by a 80 kWh charger. The vehicles will be powered by a 160-kWh central motor. Both buses will be fitted with several comfort and safety enhancing features, such as air conditioning, ecological LED lightening and monitoring system.