The website is the only European modern communication tool in two languages (Italian and English) that covers 360 degrees of product information for passengers transport by road.
Flash news, technical specifications of the buses, traceability of manufacturers and dealers, prices and listings of used buses as well as information on the components sector (products and suppliers) and visibility of exhibitions in program, make it a link between manufacturers and transport companies. is attended by over 5.000 first time visitors a week, half of them Italians.
In addition, through the BusToCoach on-line Magazine (in Italian and English), sent to 3,500 Italian transport companies and 8,000 European commpanies, we provide all-news about what's new in the market, presentation articles, road tests of buses and coaches, technical innovations, market data and fair reportings.

Arrangements and costs to be present on and BusToCoach on-line Magazine

First insertion Services
The subscription services ensure the presence on with the range of buses and the updating of the same. They also include the inclusion of the company logo in the company and product cards.
The service gives the opportunity to see published in the BusToCoach on-line Magazine, articles regarding the presentation of buses and vehicles testings at no additional costs, except the living expenses (accommodation and eventual transfer of the journalist, travel costs for vehicles to be tested). The view is provided in both languages (Italian and English).
Price for the first Vehicles insertion: € 800 + VAT
Price for the first Components insertion: € 400 + VAT
Prices for Central Banner on the website in Italian or English:
Size 1700x82px in Home Page
Size 430x82px in Home Page
Size 170x82px in Vehicle, Used, or Components
Size 260x82px in Vehicle, Used, or Components
Size 4300x50px in Vehicle, Used, or Components
6 months: € 1,300
6 months: € 2,000
6 months: € 1,000
6 months: € 1,200
6 months: € 1,600
12 months: € 2,500
12 months: € 3,800
12 months: € 1,900
12 months: € 2,250
12 months: € 3,000
Note: For banner in both versions of the site (Italian and English), the prices are increased by 50%.
Prices for Side Banners on the site in Italian or English:
Size 170x100px
Size 170x50px
6 months: € 1,800
6 months: € 1,100
12 months: € 3,400
12 months: € 2,000
Note: For banner in both versions of the site (Italian and English), the prices are increased by 50%.
Adv BusToCoach on-line Magazine
BusToCoach on-line Magazine has a monthly (10 issues per year).
The sizes of the ads reflect the layout of the Magazine.
Prices for individual adv on the BusToCoach on-line in English or Italian
A column in the Summary:
A column inside:
Half page:
Full page:
1 issue € 700 + VAT
1 issue € 400 + VAT
1 issue € 650 + VAT
1 issue € 1,100 + VAT
3 issues: € 2,000 + VAT
3 issues: € 1,100 + VAT
3 issues: € 1,850 + VAT
3 issues: € 3,100 + VAT
6 issues: € 3,800 + VAT
6 issues: € 2,000 + VAT
6 issues: € 3,500 + VAT
6 issues: € 6,000 + VAT
Note: For advertisements in several languages of the Magazine (Italian and English), the prices are increased by 50%.
Additional services offers to the advertisers the possibility of including your own videos in Home Page, completing the model sheets with photo or video, as well as including ads in the Magazine mail, at a prices to be discussed.
Combined advertisement
In the case of combined advertisements on the Website and Magazine, there are more favorable possible solutions to be directly arranged by writing to:
The graphic design of the banners and advertisings is borne by the advertiser.