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Unwin Wheelchair restraints
Unwin Safety Systems has pioneered the manufacture of world leading wheelchair restraints and occupant safety solutions for over 50 years. Unwin continue to introduce innovative design and engineering whilst being at the forefront of international safety standards. Download brochure:

Autoadapt Transfer wheelchairs
Carony Classic:
The solution that eliminates lifting when transferring a person between wheelchair and car.
Carony Go: The well proven Carony solution for powered wheelchairs.

Braun Wheelchair lifts, Personal use
The personal use lifts are intended to be used by the independent wheelchair user. Hence the personal use lifts are equipped with three ways of manoeuvering the lift, which are switches on the upper side of the pump module, on-lift controls placed on the handrail and a hand held wired remote control.

Braun Wheelchair lifts, Public use
The public use lifts are intended to be operated by an attendant (e.g. family member, assistant, coach driver, etc) and have for safety reasons only a hand held remote control for manoeuvering in order to eliminate the risks of unintended lift manoeuvering by the wheelchair user.

Wheelchair hoists
Products that enable you to comfortably and safely stow your mobility aid.

Seats compatible with Autoadapt products.

Portable ramps
Fixed, folding or telescopic. Our portable ramps are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They’re easy to bring along on trips or to places that do not have fixed ramps

Transport and tailboard ramps
Our transport and tailboard ramps have a unique surface treatment that provides excellent grip and makes loading and unloading simple and safe. They are secured in the vehicle with our floor mounting plates and can be mounted or removed in one easy step.

Various aids and accessories
: remote controlled device that assists in opening and closing the rear hatch
Caroslide: powered seat slider that can give you that extra leg space needed when swiveling in and out.
Tilda enables the seat to be tilted 15º backwards, in three steps.

Posture belts
: A positioning belt system available in small, medium and large.
CrossitA universal positioning belt system.