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July 5, 2018 – First eletric buses in Romania. By Solaris
Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Solaris Bus & Coach has completed the delivery of 11 electric buses to the CTP transport company. The 12-meter Urbino electric buses are the first emission-free battery vehicles in Romania. They were purchased under the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme. The model commissioned by the Romanian operator is fitted with a central 160-kW electric motor and 200 kWh traction batteries. The on-board equipment includes, air-conditioning and a complete monitoring system. Furthermore, the Urbino electric buses have the option of offering free WiFi access. They can carry up to 78 passengers, of which 27 seated. Investments in charging infrastructure involved the construction of 11 slow-charging and two fast-charging stations using roof-mounted pantographs. The supplied Solaris Urbino 12 electrics are the first part of an order that can be optionally extended to as many as 41 buses in the coming three years. The city authorities have already ordered further 12 buses of the same model from the Polish producer, to be delivered by the end of this year.
June 29, 2018 - Irizar ie buses in Luxembourg
Voyages Emile Weber has presented the first six electric buses of the ten that will be delivered during the year to the Luxembourg company. The vehicles are the 12-m Irizar i.e. buses with two doors, USB ports and the "Eco Assist" system. The manufacturer declares a range of over 200 km guaranteeing 16 hours of driving in heavy traffic conditions. The vehicles will be loaded overnight in depot using six chargers with Combo - CCS2 connectors supplied by Irizar. The other four 18-meter units will be reloaded only in depot. This model has been operating since 2014 in a dozen European cities with proven battery range, efficiency and reliability of batteries. For Voyages Emile Weber group, the initiative is part of the "Empowering Mobility" program whose goal is to electrify mobility. The electrification of the RGTR 305 line was completely completed last February. A large number of buses on order have also been converted to electric and other projects in this area are under way.
June 27, 2018 - MAN Lion’s Coach awarded in Slovenia
MAN wins the best bus category at the Slovenian Commercial Vehicle Awards thanks to the new Lion’s Coach awarded Bus of the Year 2018 in Slovenia. This model has won over both readers and editors by offering the best safety and efficiency in its class, as well as impressing with its timeless modern design. This award makes MAN Truck & Bus a winner for the second time in a row in this competition. In 2017, the NEOPLAN Tourliner won the title of Bus of the Year. The new MAN Lion's Coach had its public launch at Busworld 2017 in Kortrijk. The coach is available in four lengths: 12,101 mm and 13,091 mm on two axles and 13,361 mm and 13,901 mm on three axles. The winners of the Slovenian Commercial Vehicle Awards were announced by the Transport & Logistik and Mehanik in Voznik magazines at the Transport Show 2018 in Lubljana.
June 27, 2018 - 61 MAN Lion’s City Hybrid buses in Warsaw
The transport company Mobilis put on service 61 hybrid buses in the Polish Capital. The vehicles are all MAN branded. They are the Lion’s City Hybrid buses powered by a 250 hp (184 kW) Euro VI diesel engine combined with a high-performance electric motor. The electric motor is provided with additional power by recuperating the vehicle's braking energy, which is stored in ultracaps. The recuperated and stored energy is used to enable a zero-emission, low-noise approach to bus stops. The 12 metre long two-axled buses also feature assistance systems such as the Electronic Brake System (EBS) incorporating ABS/traction control functionality, an emergency braking signal, an electronic brake pad wear indicator, and a fire extinguisher system in the engine compartment. Additional safety is provided by a video surveillance system in the passenger area. The driver is protected against intruders by a full-screen cab door.
June 20, 2018 - Scania and RATP Group for Burkina Faso
The Swedish manufacturer and the Paris public transport company (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens -RATP) have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Burkina Faso, West Africa, to establish a modern and efficient bus system in the capital Ouagadougou with 460 buses and 90 coaches. Traffic will start next year with the delivery of the first 225 buses. The project includes supplying buses and coaches, establishing a bus depot, building bus stops and bus lanes as well as training drivers and service technicians. In collaboration with RATP Group, Scania will ensure efficient fleet management. Scania will also work on the introduction of alternative fuels with the ultimate aim of operating the entire fleet on biodiesel and biogas. The population of Ouagadougou (3 million) is expected to double by 2030. At present, half of the residents travel on foot, while 80 percent of motorised trips are carried out on two wheels (mainly motorcycles), most often for lack of public transport.
June 18, 2018 - The Star is shining over Berlin
Still Mercedes-Benz for the German capital. After the recent record order for or up to 950 Mercedes city buses (600 articulated buses and a maximum of 350 solo buses), Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) commissioned another 15 Citaro buses but in full electric version. The vehicles will be delivered from the first quarter on of 2019 onwards. The order from Berlin is already the third one for the new city bus, which will celebrate its world premiere at the International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) Preview Daimler Buses in July.The Citaro for Berlin has ten battery modules that they will be charged at sockets in the bus depot. They are powered by an electric axle with electric motors near the wheel hubs. The BVG versions of the Mercedes-Benz electric buses are impressively equipped. For passengers with restricted mobility seated against the direction of travel, there are suitably positioned monitors to provide information. The visually impaired particularly benefit from tactile grab rails with a ribbed surface.
June 18, 2018 - Solaris Bus & Coach: not only vehicles
The Polish manufacturer not only develops new constructions of complete vehicles but also innovative components and systems used in buses and trolleybuses for serial production through the Research and Development department which currently employs around 150 engineers. A recent example is the electric Urbino 8.9 LE equipped for RCKiK Katowice, a vehicle with a heating system powered by LPG, much cheaper than a standard heater. Another solution adopted on the hydrogen bus currently under construction in the Bolechowo plant, is the heating and cooling system with CO2 refrigerant recuperated from the waste energy of the cooling system of the hydrogen drivetrain. Solaris engineers are then working on the gradual restriction of the use of R134a refrigerant used in current air conditioning systems. Changes have also been applied to the power steering system. The subject matter is the electric power steering pump, powered with standard 24V batteries. This solution results in the reduction of energy use, the pump does not burden the main engine and, hence, it also increases the range of electric and hybrid vehicles. And it can also be a viable option for trolley buses.
June 15, 2018 - ATV Verona pushes on natural gas
Verona Transport Company (ATV) has renewed its fleet with natural gas buses. Among these, there are 25 Scania Citywide LF CNG buses intended to serve the urban basin. These vehicles were awarded in August 2017 as part of an 18 million euro tender for a total of 67 buses, of which 40 with natural gas engine. 12 meters long, the Citywide LF CNG buses are powered by a 280-hp engine. The on-board equipment includes a digital video surveillance system with six cameras, AVM system for geolocation and media monitoring, voice stop announcement, contactless obliterator, wheelchair boarding ramp, air conditioning for passenger compartment and driver's seat. The LED headlights provide greater brightness.
June 15, 2018 - BYD ADL electric buses will land in New Zealand
The first electric buses in the New Zealand continent will be introduced early next year by Red Bus operator which ordered to Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) three Enviro200EV single deck battery buses for a fully electric urban bus service. The 12m long buses will be fully air- conditioned and will carry 60 passengers. The vehicles will be delivered by March 2019 and will be used on route 29 between the Christchurch city centre and the airport. Their ability to run all day on the airport service without recharging allows them to fully replace three existing diesel buses. The Enviro200EV combines BYD’s state-of-the-art battery technology with ADL’s expertise in building lightweight, passenger-centric buses. This model was introduced in 2016 and 180 units are in service or on order.
June 15, 2018 - Scania chassis and Beulas body
The latest acquisition of the Spanish operator Autocares Quijada is a coach built on Scania K490EB chassis with Glory body by Beulas. The vehicle is powered by a 13-liter Euro 6 engine with a maximum torque of 2,550 Nm. It has advanced assistance systems such as the Lane Departure Warning system (LDW) in case the vehicle makes an unintentional lateral movement, the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) which can help to activate the emergency brake in case of driver abandonment in dangerous situations, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that helps the driver to maintain a constant distance from the vehicle in front and from the protection in the event of overturning.
June 13, 2018 - VDL Bus & Coach will supply 146 buses to De Lijn
The company run by the Flemish government in Belgium has ordered 146 new buses. The are all VDL branded. The order includes electric buses (7 Citeas SLF-120 Electric), hybrids (84 Citeas SLE-120 Hybrid) as well as articulated buses in diesel version (55 Citeas SLFA-180). The VDL Citea SLF-120 Electric is 12m long and is powered by an 85 kWh battery. It carries 92 passengers. VDL Bus & Coach will also provide the charging infrastructure. The charging points will be provided in collaboration with ABB. A 300 kW rapid charger (on the bus line) and 40 kW depot chargers will ensure the service throughout the day. The Citea SLE-120 Hybrid has a length of 12 meters and is equipped with a serial hybrid system with stop-and-go function. The vehicles for De Lijn are programmed such that they can drive off from traffic lights and bus stops using 100% electric power. Through use of an inverted pantograph and a larger battery pack, the electric autonomy can be extended further. The Citea SLFA-180 has a length of 18 m, capacity of 161 passengers (47 seated) and is equipped with a Euro 6 FPT engine.
June 13, 2018 - ADL Enviro500 double decks for Lausanne
Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) is to deliver 13 Enviro500 double deck buses to Transports publics based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The buses will be fitted with three doors, double glazing, LED lighting and USB sockets. They will have total capacity of 120 passengers (79 seated). Through the two staircases passengers reach the 52 seats upstairs. On the lower deck there is space for up to two wheelchairs or multiple push chairs. The Enviro500 ordered by tl will remain within the Continental European vehicle height limit of four metres. The Enviro500 for the Swiss company will be built at ADL’s factories in the United Kingdom. This is ADL’s second contract for double deck buses in Continental Europe after a launch order for 19 Enviro500 was placed by PostAuto for use in Eastern Switzerland. The first of these have been in service since mid-2017.