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Live from the transport sector.


In September in Milan to discuss the future.


Greenpeace analyses sustainability in Italy.


Customised equipment for the TGE van.


In 2019 also the hydrogen bus will be available.


Lion’s Coach with ZF automatic transmission.Two new models in XL size.


The latest innovations arrive in Italy.


New transmissions for the Futura range.


The watchword is ‘Green’ at the Parisian exhibition.

May 25, 2018 - Orders from Poland for the brand Mercedes-Benz
Krakow, Poland. The public transport authority MPK Krakow (Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. w Krakowie) has placed an order for the supply of 86 Mercedes-Benz city buses (56 Citaros and 30 Citaro hybrids). The vehicles will be arriving from September 2018. Another contract for Mercedes-Benz buses was signed at the beginning of May in Gdansk, a Polish city on the Baltic coast. The Gdansk public transport authority GAiT (Gdanskie Autobusy i Tramwaje) commissioned to Daimler Buses 46 Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses. The vehicles will be handed over to GAiT in the spring of 2019. A further order was placed in the first half of this year by the city of Bialystok, North-East Poland, for 18 Mercedes-Benz Conecto buses to be delivered towards the end of the year to Bialystok's public transport operator.
May 25, 2018 - Hochbahn has ordered Solaris electric buses
The Hamburg public transport operator has chosen Solaris Bus & Coach for the supply of ten electrically powered buses. The first two units will be delivered in autumn this year and the remaining ones in September 2019. The Solaris Urbino 12 buses can accommodate up to 70 passengers (25 seated) and the axle with integrated electric motors will constitute the drive unit. The Solaris High Energy batteries will boast a total capacity of 240 kWh. The buses will be recharged at the bus depot, using a plug-in charger. The Senate of Hamburg has decided that, as of 2020, all buses bought by local carriers should be electric zero-emission vehicles. Solaris electric buses are already operating in Hamburg: five units serve the 109 line dedicated to low and zero-emission vehicles. Two of the 18.75-meter Urbino electric buses supplied in 2014 are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells.
May 24, 2018 - VDL has won a tender for electric buses in Sweden
Umea, Sweden. The Municipality has announced that VDL Bus & Coach is the winner of the tender for the supply of 25 electric-powered buses. For the Dutch manufacturer this is the largest order of electric buses in the Swedish borders. VDL has been selected as system provider, which means that in addition to delivering the 25 Citea SLFA-180s and charging stations, it will also be responsible for implementation. The vehicles are fitted with a rooftop pantograph, a 169 kW battery, 48 seats, USB connections and "Nordic Pack" which includes extra features such as additional insulation and heating to cope with the cold Swedish weather. The bus service in Umeå is provided by Transdev Sverige AB. The buses will be put in service in June 2019.
May23, 2018 - Further ADL double deck hybrids for Abellio
The transport operator Abellio put on service in London this month a further 16 new Enviro400H double deck hybrid buses manufactured by Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL). The new hybrid buses will boost the Abellio London fleet towards the 800-vehicle mark, with 85% of those made by ADL. Business between the two companies now totals over £100m since 2011. Abellio is owned by Dutch railway operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen and has bus and rail operations in Germany and the United Kingdom.
May 22, 2018 - MAN Lion's Coaches in the Emirates
Sharjah RTA is the first bus company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to roll out MAN Lion’s Coaches featuring assistance systems for increased safety. The MAN Lion's Coach buses handed over by Sharjah RTA are fitted with devices such as Emergency Braking System (EBA), Lane Guard System (LGS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). As its next step, the Arab company has ordered another eight MAN Lion's Coaches. The vehicles comply with the Euro 5 EEV emission standard, meeting cutting edge environmental standards as well as ensuring safety.
May 14, 2018 - ADL double-deck hybrid buses in London
Go-Ahead London has taken delivery of the first 39 Enviro400H buses with Series-E hybrid technology. The double-deck hybrid buses are manufactured by Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) and BAE Systems. Fitted with an ultra-capacitor energy storage instead of the previous generation’s batteries, the Enviro400H bus with Series-E hybrid technology has achieved Ultra Low Emission Bus certification with 37% lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional diesel buses. ADL explains: "Series-E maintains the series hybrid system architecture – proven in over 1,300 existing Enviro400H hybrid buses – in which the diesel engine only acts as generator to produce energy for the electric drive. This now utilizes a lighter and more compact direct drive permanent magnet traction motor, which no longer requires a speed reducing gearbox, thereby increasing efficiency and minimising wear." Go-Ahead London is the pioneering launch customer for this next generation Enviro400H, with the first 39 buses entering service on Transport for London route 36. Another 26 are on order for routes 77 and 87.
May 10, 2018 - VDL: the largest order for ebuses in Scandinavia
On May 8, Unibuss AS has placed an order for 40 VDL Citea electric buses. This includes 30 Citeas SLFA-180 Electric with 169 kWh battery pack and 10 Citeas SLF-120 Electric with 127 kWh battery pack. The vehicles will serve the Greater Oslo Region. The first units will be delivered by the end of 2018 and they will be put into service in spring 2019. This is the largest order for VDL electric buses in Scandinavia to date. Oslo's ambition is for all of the city's public transport to be emission-free in ten years’ time. The Norwegian town is also being chosen as European Green Capital of 2019.
May 8, 2018 - Mercedes Citaro: the largest single order of all time
The German transport operator Berliner Verkehrs-betriebe (BVG) is to take delivery of up to 950 units of the best seller Mercedes-Benz city bus. The framework agreement between Daimler Buses and BVG breaks down into 600 articulated buses and a maximum of 350 solo buses. BVG will call off the city buses successively in the coming years. All Citaros are equipped with highly efficient and low-emission engines in accordance with the latest European emissions directive. With total sales in excess of 50,000 vehicles, the Citaro is the world's best-selling city bus. In Europe it is in service in virtually all countries and major cities. Initially launched in 1997, the second generation was introduced in 2011. The range comprises solo and articulated buses, city and rural service vehicles and the low-entry Citaro LE. The four-axle large-capacity CapaCity bus is also based on the Citaro. In 2012 it became the first city bus to comply with the Euro VI emissions level. The latest developments are the Citaro hybrid bus and the fully electric Citaro. The latter will go into series production in the course of this year.
May 4, 2018 - Gothenburg: self-driving buses on the road
Premiere of buses with autonomous drive in Gothenburg, Sweden. The inaugural journey took place at the campus of Chalmers University of Technology, Johanneberg Science Park. Here an autonomous shuttle bus moves people between the main entrance of the university and the Chalmers library. The bus-project in Gothenburg is a part of the Government’s innovation partnership program, “The next generation’s travel and transport”. This is the second project of its kind in Scandinavia and is the result of a partnership between fifteen organizations and companies related to mobility, urban planning and transport. After the four-week trial in the Chalmers area, the project moves in the autumn to Lindholmen Science Park, the growing innovation cluster in Gothenburg, where a large part of Sweden's vehicle technology development is taking place. There, the project continues for a six-month period.
May 3, 2018 - First major order for the MB Citaro Electric bus
Hamburger Hochbahn AG has placed an order for 20 fully electric Mercedes Citaro buses. The first two units will be handed over before the end of this year. Till Oberwörder, Head of Daimler Buses: "The first major order for our fully electrically powered, emission-free Citaro has been received even before the official premiere, demonstrating the confidence transport operators have in our concept for electromobility in urban public transport. With the Citaro, we are bringing a major component on the way to locally emission-free bus traffic to market." The new, fully electrically powered Citaro will enter series production before the end of this year.
April 30, 2018 - VDL Futura double deckers for Cialone Tour
The Italian bus operator took delivery of seven VDL coaches from the Futura FDD2-141/510 range. Cialone Tour will deploy these double-deckers on behalf of Flixbus. They will drive on various national and international intercity lines from Italy to France, Germany and Switzerland and viceversa. The vehicles have a 74+1+1 sitting layout and a wheelchair area. They are fitted with VDL Class 500 seats with luxurious upholstery, armrest between the double seats and leather armrests on the rear seat. They also offer USB connections and 220 volt sockets.
April 27, 2018 - NEOPLAN coaches for Schröder Reisen
The bus operator based in Langenau, Germany, took delivery of 14 premium coaches. All Neoplan branded. The supply includes eight Tourliners and six Skyliners. This means that since April 2013, MAN Truck & Bus has delivered a total of 75 coaches to Schröder Reisen, 33 of which are from the NEOPLAN range. The NEOPLAN Skyliner double-deckers can hold a maximum of 77 passengers. The are fitted with a folding ramp at door 2, toilet with large fresh water and waste water tanks, 230 volt socket under each double seat and USB ports in the seat backrests. They are also fitted with a trailer coupling and a ski rack bracket. The three-axle NEOPLAN Tourliner coaches measure 13.9 m in length and can hold a total of 52 passengers. They feature bi-xenon headlights, LED daytime driving lights and LED fog lights in addition to various assistance systems and a door-mounted camera for safety purposes. The coaches are also equipped with the MMC (Multi Media Coach) Advanced infotainment system with navigation, as well as a Bluetooth hands-free system.