L.A.M. S.r.l.


L.A.M. S.r.l.

Brands: Lam

Via Guido Rossa 4

Tel. +39 059 784 392
E-mail: lam@lamsrl.it
Web: http://www.lamsrl.it

Born as L.E.M., Lavorazione Emiliana Metalli, it produced, in a familiar – crafty reality, together with Carrozzeria Orlandi, fittings for busses and coaches.
In 1961 the big change: Livio Gozzi patented the prototype of a hiding roller-blind, thanks to which the Company experienced its first important development period.
In order to face the big amount of requests, the automation of the production processes and a new plant became soon necessary, so in 1971 the Company settled in Spilamberto – Modena. During the same year, in order to remarkably show its change L.E.M. became L.A.M., Lavorazione Artigiana Metalli.
The following years have been focused on the extension of the Customers and on the internationalization of the Company, while the last 10 years have seen an important technical rise, with the creation of an internal R&D area and a new plant change: the current one.
Today L.A.M. SpA is leader in the production of roller-blinds and roof-hatches in Italy, Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East.