Rampini - ALÈ E80, 7.8 Metres, Electric Class I, 2 Doors


Rampini - ALÈ E80, 7.8 Metres, Electric Class I, 2 Doors

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Passenger Seating 13+1H
Total Capacity 42+1H+1
Length mm 7,790
Width mm 2,200
Height mm 3,250
Floor Height mm 350
Wheelbase mm 3,675
Front Overhang mm 1,700
Rear Overhang mm 2,415
Turning Circle mm
Track Circle mm 14,000
Unladen kg
Perm. GVW kg 12,000
Drive System Electric at batteries (autonomy: 150 km in town)
Electric Motor Siemens, synchronous three-phase
Power Max/Continuative kW 122
Torque Max/Continuative Nm
Diesel Engine
Displacement c.c.
Power bhp (kW)/rpm
Max. Torque Nm/rpm
Max. Power bhp (kW)
Inverter Siemens IGBT
Voltage V
Continuative Power kW
Batteries Lithium ferrite batteries (recharge time: 2 hours)
Capacity Ah
Voltage V 640
Rated Energy kWh 180
Max Discharge Current A
BUS SET-UP Standard Optional

Discs all-round, EBS, ESC , Hill Holder, Brake Assist


Full pneumatic, Electronically controlled air suspension (Ecas), Independent front wheel suspension

Tyres 275/70 R 22.5
EQUIPMENT Standard Optional
Safety Systems
Comfort Equipment Air conditioning system for driver's-area, manual ramp

*** Technical data may change according to the manufacturer's requirements ***
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