Brands: Vdl, Berkhof, Bova, Kusters, Jonckheere, Apts

De Vest 7
De Vest 7, 5555 XL Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
P.O. Box 645, 5550 AP Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

Tel. +31 40 208 44 00
E-mail: info@vdlbuscoach.com
Web: http://www.vdlbuscoach.com

Production, sales and service for bus and modules of chassis. This is the mission of VDL Bus & Coach, a Group headquartered in Eindhoven (Netherlands) which consists of six international companies in the bus sector. The production takes place in Holland and Belgium and the company sold is through a worldwide network of own offices, importers and agents in over thirty countries.
VDL Bus & Coach is part of the VDL Groep, big group that was founded in 1953 and which consist of 77 companies located in 14 countries with a workforce of 6,100 people. These companies are involved in the development, production and sale of semi and finished products and buses.
Subsidiaries of VDL Bus & Coach are VDL Berkhof Heerenveen, VDL Berkhof Valkenswaard, VDL Bova, VDL Bus Chassis, VDL Kusters and Apts. The brand Berkhof was born in Holland in 1971 and became part of VDL Bus & Coach in 1997. VDL Berkhof Heerenveen is specialized in the construction of buses for public transport for urban, interurban and airport services. VDL Berkhof Valkenswaard is more tourist-oriented offering luxury bus models and double decker, but there are also intercity buses and special vehicles. Focuses on the luxury Gt with Futura is also Bova, a coach company since 1931 and a subsidiary of VDL since 2003. Chassis and modules are attributable to VDL Bus Chassis which allocates its products to the integral construction and to the bodywork on the chassis. The company derives from DAF Bus International and, following the acquisition by the VDL Group in 2003, changed name in VDL Bus International and became in 2008, VDL Bus Chassis. Other company of the Dutch Group is VDL Jonckheere, founded in 1881 by Henri Jonckheere in Roeselare (Belgium). In addition to buses, It produces luxury GT, schoolbuses, minibuses and special equipment for export projects. VDL Kusters, founded in 1921, equips mini and midibus with a capacity from 8 to 30 passengers for tourism, regulars services, taxibus, airports, police, special transport. Finally Apts (70 percent owned by VDL Group), a company that develops high-tech transport solutions as Phileas, tram road with parallel hybrid drive system and magnetic drive.

VDL BUS & COACH ITALIA (IT) - E-mail: info@vdlbuscoach.it

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