Brands: Yutong

Yutong Industry Park, Yutong Road
CN 450061 Zhengzhou, China

Tel. +86 371 6671 8693
E-mail: sales@yutong.com
Web: http://www.yutong.com

Zhengzhou Yutong is among the largest 500 industrial companies in China. This is a great group specializing in the bus business. In addition to passenger vehicles are produced construction machinery, spare parts and components for the automotive industry. The Group also operates in the real estate sector.
Situated on an area of over one million square meters in Zhengzhou, Henan Province (China), Yutong has a production capacity of about 170 buses a day. In 2009 the company reported a volume of 35,194 units sold between buses, construction vehicles and special vehicles. The range consists of more than 35 models and 98 series buses with lengths between 6 and 25 meters in standard equipment, middle and top. They covered a bit all market segments: public transport, highway passengers transit, commuter service, tourism and VIPs transport.
The origins date back to Zhengzhou Bus Repairing Factory, a company founded in 1963 for bus repairings. In 1985 the company changed its name in Zhengzhou Bus Factory and in 1993 was founded Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. Four years later the company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 1998 was built a large production facility with an investment of 400 million yuan. An important step towards internationalization is 2002 when Yutong made a joint venture with Man to form the Lions Bus Co. Ltd. Zhengzhou Yutong also holds commercial agreements with other European manufacturers such as Cummins, Wabco and Vogel. In 2005 was formed the Yutong Eurobus following the joint venture with Gu├░mundur Tyrfingsson Ltd, a company operating in Iceland since 1969. Headquartered in Selfoss, in South Iceland, Yutong Eurobus deals with the bus development, sales and service in Europe. The models in the catalog are also low-floor citybus also hybrid, coaches from 43 to 51 seats and VIP versions personalized on customer requests. The vehicles are built on Yutong chassis with Cummins engines and ZF transmissions. For parts, Yutong Eurobus relies on a central warehouse located in Kiel (Germany).

YUTONG EUROBUS Ltd (IS) - E-mail: info@yutongeurobus.com

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